Vredepoort ("Peace Port") is a game about conflict mediation, played at school. Together with other alien creatures, the children try to build a peaceful city and save lives.

Client: Vrede van Utrecht
Publisher: Kwintessens
Target group: 10-14 year olds
production time: 10 months
Finished: November 2012

The year is 2013. Alle planets are at war. You are sent to Vredepoort, the only save haven in the universe. Together with others alien creatures you try to save lives by building a peaceful city. Collaboration benifits everyone. On the other hand you have your own interests: You foremost want to save as many aliens as possible from your own planet. All the while danger looms. Evil attackers want to destroy Vredepoort. The space grenates are whistling past you..

The game Vredepoort aims to promote participatory membership of society for pupils. It teaches to resolve conflicts with words in stead of fighting. And if the tension is rising? A mediator is present every round to steer the process in the right direction.

More about Vredepoort

Vredepoort is inspired by the Treaty of Utrecht that was signed in 1713 after a long period of negotiations and mediation.