Skies of Saturn

Skies of Saturn is an exploration game for PC and touchscreen devices that provides a unique and tranquil experience for every player.

Partners: Gray Lake Studios, Hence Games, Tapage, YvdB & Wijnand van Tol
Supporting party: Gamefonds
Audience: All ages
Date: TBD

The game explores the themes of discovery, natural growth and the interplay between life and death in a vast and open world.

Sail upon the winds of Saturn through new and unexplored places. No journey will be the same in these ever changing skies. These undiscovered places reveal dormant civilizations that can be cultivated once you breathe life to them. Doing so will increase your capability to survive harsh circumstances. Go on a trip, see where it will take you. You won’t live forever, but there are ways to continue your journey from where you left off.

Audio is an integral part of Skies of Saturn and will change with your actions and whereabouts, making this an immersive experience. The compositions are never the same, making every playthrough a unique journey.

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