About us

We are passionate designers who love to apply game and playful elements to create high quality experiences.

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Get attention

A unique and exciting experience for the players that draws a crowd and is worth sharing with your friends. We design and produce our games customized to your needs, taking into account your message, robustness and portability.

Suited for
Commpanies and organizations that want to draw attention to their message or cialis product.

Context: Festival, marketing campaign

> Chick’n'Run
Winner of the Cinekid Audience Award 2011

Improve the ambience

We create playful environments that stimulate the right state of mind by adding meaning to a place that lacks purpose. Creating spaces that connect people, make them laugh and prevent deterioration.

Suited for
Public spaces that lack a purpose, need an improved appeal or position atmosphere.

Context: Waiting spaces, shopping centers

> Friends

Learn by playing

You learn by doing it. We give players meaningful choices so they can learn from the consequences. This first person experience in the simplified game world creates insight and helps people to make sense of our complex reality.

Suited for
Organizations that want to educate in an enduring fashion.

Context: Musea, educational institutions

> Vredepoort

Our team

Karel Millenaar

President of Play. Karel puts the fun in games and the beauty in images. Recognizable by his neat suit, afro and unhindred use of language.

(Former) Interns & Employees

Maarten Förster Anouska de Graaf Bas Moerenhout Agnes Van Es Cedric Van Putten Esther Wijdeveld Maikel Janssen Jim Hendriks Frouke Richter Hans Soek Joeri Pels Sjanine Hendrikx Wytze Kamp Onno Frederiks Sjoerd Van Renselaar Willemijn Kriekaard Tim Bosje Niels Jansen Sonja Van Vuure Lilian Bosch chantal emiel ronald renee Thijs Engelen Kenrick Ouwehand Michel Marsman Richard van Dulken Kitty Calis Esmeralda Massaut


Julius Huijnk Sylvia van der Leen Adriaan Wormgoor Joeri Oltheten Justin van Luijk Marc De Vreede Kenneth Nelson Danny van den Bree


Our clients often have a strong sense of identity and are forward-looking.

Friends we play with

And all our interns!