Friends in de zorg

Friends is a playful environment, a collective pet developed for the habitants of a student residence in Utrecht. In cooperation with Sytens, FourceLabs initiated a research project in which we are looking at how the basic principles of the Friends installation might have added value to the care sector.

Partner: Syntens
Date: August 2011 – March 2012

By setting up short tests, varying from a couple of hours to one whole day, we are looking at how different target groups interact with Friends. The main points of interest in our research are the levels of fun, understanding and social interaction.

The test setup consisted of a computer, a beamer and a webcam. During the tests at different care centres two employees observed the scene and the ways of interaction. To avoid biased results, they did not give any explanation about the gameplay.

During this project we are working closely together with AxionContinu, De Hoogstraat and Reinaerde.

Meer informatie

Friends and healthcare mini website: Here you can fine more information about Friends and healthcare.
Syntens: The website of our project partner.