Dance Engine

Dance Engine is an experiment initiated and produced by Cinedans in collaboration with design studio FourceLabs and the International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK). We're collectively searching for a playful experience that springs from movement; an experience perfectly suited for both experienced and inexperienced dancers.

Client: Cinedans
Date: December 1th 2011
Throughput time: 4 months

Rather than the movement of the body being purely instrumental, as it is in many existing motion centered games, the movement is instead the primary goal of the game. In order to achieve this the movement needs an exploratory character. Players should be able to improvise in their movement.

At present we have made a game installation centered on the ‘Around Ball’ dance concept belonging to ICKAmsterdam. The player will experiment with the creation, conservation and destruction of a circularly volume by improvising movement.

Dance Engine is made possible by the support of Gamefonds, the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.

Location History:
  • Discovery Festival 2011
  • STRP 2011
  • Game in the City 2011
  • Spelen in de Stad 2011
  • Cinedans 2011
Meer informatie

Dance Engine mini-site: Here you can find more elaborate information concerning the project and the different locations we visited.
Cinedans: Website of client Cinedans festival.
ICKamsterdam: Website of partner ICKamsterdam.