BlockBlazers is a multiplayer platform game played on two screens standing back to back. Players move around the two screens to keep a good view on the entire game.

Assignment: HKU EMMA graduation project
Client: Imagine IC
Date: January 2006

The first model of BlockBlazers came about during our gradution project. After graduation we spend a lot of time gradually improving the model.

BlockBlazers is a 7-player multiplayer platform game. The objective of the game: collect blocks and put them in a 2 by 2 square formation. The player who adds the last block to the square formation receives points.

The game features limited resources and winning becomes a hectic frenzy where players can choose both virtual and physical strategies to outwit and taunt their opponents.

Special thanks to Lukas Pauka and Sergio van Pul for having their share in the BlockBlazers graduation project and to Raymond Reinewald for helping us with the events

  • PICNIC 2007
  • Discovery Festival 2008
  • NLGD 2008
More information:

HKU: Website of the Utrecht School of the Arts. Imagine IC: Website of the client.