Bewust veilig werken

This pilot aimed at improving the safety conditions of construction workers by making private knowledge public and stimulating the conversation on safety issues.

Client: Jurriens
Target group: construction workers
Pilot: 2 weeks in july 2012

FourceLabs is collaborating with Jurriens to do research and field trials on improving the safety conditions at building sites. We have set up and tested a two week pilot project, that made first steps in investigating the possibilities of putting game mechanics into practice for this goal.

During these two weeks two teams could win points by labeling and photographing potentially dangerous situations. One point for labeling an unsafe situation, and two points for making this situation safe again. Everyday these pictures where shown at the building site. The points the teams scores translated into awards for a local charity, and some extra snacks at a get together.

By improving tools, using safety protocols and spreading knowledge about safe working conditions, building sites have been able to reduce the number of accidents. Still, there is room for improvement. A building site is a very dynamic working environment, that makes it impossible to structure and think of every situation. The potential for increasing the safety seems to be in the area of processes and behavior.

By applying game mechanics in the routines of construction work, behavior can be positively influenced. FourceLabs and Jurriens have started a track of pilot projects, where the potential of such applied games can be investigated. With our first pilot, the focus was on the sharing of knowledge. It was acknowledging and reckognizing unsafe situations at the building site. Using bottom up feedback to make unsafe situation visible for all, concrete cases emerge that invite a conversation about safety.

During the two weeks, the involvement of the construction workers increasedm and the number of unsafe situations diminished. The pilot has been prolonged.